Restore Our Rail

Restore Our Rail

St George has seen vicious rail service cuts to 5 of its busiest stations. Beverly Hills, Rockdale, Kogarah & Kingsgrove have all seen big cuts in peak hour service. Mortdale has suffered a massive decline in off-peak service. These are not in any way justified by customer usage. We are also arguing for the retention of weekend services as these have not yet been subjected to vicious cutbacks.

Congratulations go to the successful candidates in the NSW state election. Mr Aroney, Liberal candidate for the seat of Kogarah, says the rail cuts were a big factor in his failure to win the seat.

Restore Our Rail will continue to argue for restitution of services.

You can play a part to keep the pressure on. Write to Sydney Trains


or your local member:

Mark Coure

Steve Kamper

Chris Minns

or the new transport minister

Andrew Constance



2 thoughts on “Restore Our Rail

  1. I am a Kingsgrove resident and I am a shift worker.
    I work on the North Shore and because of changes to the rail timetable some days I now take my car to work.
    The changes that have affected me most is the removal of the 6am service and in the evenings. If I am a few minutes late leaving work and just miss the 21.33 from Central, rather than wait for half an hour (especially in the winter when it’s cold) I get the 21.42 go to Riverwood and come back to Kingsgrove arriving earlier than if I had waited for the 22.03 from Central.
    I never used my car before but rather than worrying about will I make connections and waste time I am now using the car at least 2 times a week.


  2. Hello & good luck with your campaign. We are experiencing the same thing as you in my area. Massive cuts in train services around the Regents Park region since October 2013, with Inner West Line trains being terminated now at Homebush & also the truncating of the Bankstown Loop line at Lidcome. Please contact me & lets see if we can work together where possible. I suspect more suburbs in Sydney will receive similar shabby treatment in the future, unless we get organised. John (Birrong)

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